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The Australian Law & E-liquids

Australia is one of the countries where that confusion is at its height, with laws that are already some of the strictest in the world and that vary more between the different states. The baseline is that because nicotine is classed as a Schedule 7 poison in Australia, it’s illegal to sell it except as a licensed medication.

It’s still a frustrating situation though, because while real cigarettes are heavily restricted they’re still much more available than a safer alternative.

Where it gets really confusing is at the state level. Some states have much stricter laws than others, sometimes adding up to something like a total ban. It’s also not illegal to import nicotine liquids for personal use, again unless state law says otherwise, so that’s what most Australian vapers do.

 That means disposable e-cigarettes or cartridges that contain nicotine are not for sale right across the country, but nicotine free ones and refillable devices can be sold unless state law band them. Electronic cigarettes are causing confusion around the world as lawmakers struggle to decide the technology’s place in society.



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