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Tips for beginners


Tips for new vape users 

Below is a quick list of useful tips if you are new to Vaping.. 

  • Don’t expect vaping to be like smoking 

There's a whole different feel to vaping than pulling an analog cigarette out of the pack, putting it in your mouth, slightly turning your head and lighting it.  Many people expect an e-cig to look and taste like a traditional cigarette. The reality is that an e-cig cannot fulfill both requirements completely, but in many ways vapor smoking is way more satisfying –the variety of flavors, for example. 

  • Once you've chosen which model you want, you need to buy extra equipment and juice  

You have to learn which hardware is compatible with your e-cig and how to use it. You have to figure out if you like the atomizer/cartridge over the cartomizer. You have to experiment with juice to discover your preferred flavors and which nicotine level works best. The experimental stage can take two weeks or it can take a month. Duration isn’t important. What’s important is that you enjoy the newfound experience. 

  • The smaller the battery, the shorter the charge is going to last 

Most starter kits come with one or two batteries, which may not be enough for the heavy smoker.  A heavy smoker may need to buy additional batteries. If you're a light smoker, one or two batteries will work well. 

  • Vaping is less costly than smoking if you're responsible 

 If you’re careful and maintain your e-cig, it can easily last longer. Batteries can last for several months or longer if not abused and charged properly. Cleaning the contacts regularly can also maximize the lifespan of your cartridge and battery. 

  • Plan ahead 

Once you know your vaping capacity, you need to keep a couple of extra accessories on hand. Most experienced vapers keep a drawer full of replacement cartridges and spare batteries. Nothing is more frustrating than running out and not being able to vape.  

  • The art of inhaling an e-cig –vaping– is fun to learn 

Traditional cigarettes are easy to inhale from because so long as you sucked on it, you'd get smoke. E-cigs don't burn constantly, and they don't produce smoke. The technique is different. You cannot inhale the same way as you did smoking. For best results, take long, slow, gentle draws on your device. Practice makes perfect. Soon, vaping will become second nature. 


There you have it, stick to some basic tips and happy vaping!! :) 



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